on screen tap

on screen tap

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WhatsApp FAQ

You can also browse the topics below to find what you are looking for iPhone Chats Using Group Chats Group Chat lets you chat with up to 256 people at once It's a.

I am on my phone and it is not frozen, I am on ,

The screen won't do any when you tap it? Why won't the Tablet screen tap or do anything? , VisiHow QnA This section is not written yet Want to join in?.

Double Tap To Turn The Screen Off On Android: Screen

Jul 03, How to double tap anywhere on your Home screen to turn the screen off and lock your android device This method should work just fine even if you don't.

Turn on Chromebook accessibility features

You can make your Chromebook easier to use by turning on accessibility features that work , In the "Accessibility , High contrast mode, screen magnifier.

How to Use iPad 2's Touchscreen

The iPad uses touchscreen technology When you swipe your finger across the iPad’s touchscreen or tap it, you’re providing input to the device You use the pads.

DoubleTap On/Off Screen

Nov 03, Double Tap On / Off is really great app, since the app as more a help screen unlock without the power button, in the long run will help reduce power button.


I am trying to Display a an Image when the user Taps on the UIImageView But before the user Taps the UIImageView the Image should not be shown, and after a few.

Problem with tap screen on my phone to wake screen

Jul 14, I have an LG G3 Phone and an LG Tablet Always been able to double tap the screen to wake it I now have a Samsung Galaxy S6 but unable to do this Is.

Customize your Android phone home screen with

To get to these options, long-press the home screen, and then tap Preferences from the Dodol menu From the Preferences window, tap Home screen.

How can i get tap anywhere on the screen

i need a tap function in andro I have full screen activity and want to know if user tap the the screen or not I looked lots of page and couldn't find the function.

Turning the screen on using the Knock Code feature

If your Lock screen unlock sequence is set to a Knock Code, tap your Knock Code on the darkened screen to automatically turn the screen on and unlock it at the same time.

Having to double tap everything on Touchscreen

Sep 17, Title says it i was just using it and all of a sudden i have to double click everything,apps on the homescreen i can tap just once but when i click.

Double tap to wake screen? : samsunggalaxys6

Hello, I would like to know if there is an app from the Google Play Store that can allow me to wake up my Galaxy S6 screen just by simply tapping.

How can I simulate a touch screen tap on android?

Oct 23, Hi, I would like to simulate a mouse pointer(touch screen tap) in my android ? The concept is as follows: There will have an application which sends the (x,y.

The iPhone 6 Multi-Touch Screen

You can use the three-finger tap to zoom your screen to be even larger or use multitasking gestures to swipe with four or five fingers This method is handy if you.

How to enable touch screen on Windows 8 computer

From the problem description, I see that you want to how to enable touch screen on Windows 8 computer I will surely help you to fix this issue.

Touch Pianist

Touch Pianist is a musical toy / instrument that allows the user to perform hard-to-play classical piano music favorites (from composers like Beethoven, Mozart, Bach.

Double tap notification on lock screen

Hey guys! I'm switched from the blackberry priv to the S8+, and I'm wondering if there's a way i can double tap a notification to unlock - .

touch anywhere on screen to jump

touch anywhere on screen to jump Hey guys I need help to make a character sprite jump when there is a touch detected anywhere on screen.


More specific where do I attach OnGestureListener so that I can detect onSingleTapUp everywhere on the screen, even if an ImageView take up half the screen Now I.

Lock Screen

From the DEVICE section, tap Lock screen >Select screen lock Select the desired screen lock option from the following options None: No screen lock set.

Double Tap Screen On and Off

Oct 03, Double Tap to Screen On and Double Tap to Screen Off.

How To Remove "Tap and say" From Lock Screen

Mar 04, How do I remove the "Tap and say" feature from the Lock Screen? It would be useful on a tablet or something, yet this.

The Best iPad Tips and Tricks [iOS 4 to 6]

The Best iPad Tips and Tricks [iOS 4 to 6] toggle-button , Touch the screen, and tap the "Open in iBooks" button at the top When opening up in iBooks.